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How the West Was Lost...

You know what NATO is otherwise you would not be reading this article. What is intriguing is its membership. The founding members (as of April 4, 1949) were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States. It made perfect logical sense. More countries were later added to the roster: Greece and Turkey on February 18, 1952 and Germany on May 9, 1955. Germany expanded to include the territory of Saarland, when it was returned in 1957 and then again to include the former East Germany after the German re-unification of October 3, 1990. Eventually Spain joined on May 30, 1982. So far so good.

On March 12, 1999 logic and common sense were unceremoniously thrown out the window when the allegedly democratic and former Warsaw Pact countries of Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic joined NATO. A few years later on March 29, 2004 seven additional more-or-less communist countries joined NATO: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Liberals and communists of the world rejoiced ­ everyone else went slack jawed with shock. It made almost as much sense as the Ku Klux Klan joining the NAACP or Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition. NATO was an international organization for collective security - meant for the west’s defense against the Soviet Union and its vassals - and now it’s being joined by the very countries against which it was supposed to fight?

All those new East European members of NATO have made only marginal steps towards democratization of their countries. Their membership in NATO renders this once powerful organization factually powerless and useless ­ which was probably the intention of the authors of the idea of admitting them into NATO in the first place.

Only very superficial changes were made in governmental make up of all former countries of the Warsaw Pact. I will use the Czech Republic as an example to illustrate.

Czechoslovakia switched from being communist into being "democratic" under very suspicious and never fully explained circumstances on November 17, 1989, when the StB (the Czech secret police) organized "student demonstrations" in Prague. One youthful-looking StB officer, Ludvik Zifcak, even pretended to be "dead student Ruzicka" so the news flashes about the "tragedy" could be sent out to the world by Marxist journalist (no accident here) Petr Uhl to drum up sympathy and get things moving. Today Ludvik Zifcak is the chairman of one of the many Communist parties in the Czech Republic and no longer hides his true colors.

Next came the moment for the future darling of western leftist media and western Marxist university professors, writer Vaclav Havel. It was not so obvious then, but with twenty-plus years of hindsight, it is obvious that Vaclav Havel, a protégé from a prominent family, was groomed by the communist government for a big position in the future. That future started later with the so-called Velvet Revolution. The prominence of Vaclav Havel under the communist regime was obvious not only from his uninhibited traveling to the West at a time when ordinary Czechs had to stay put for decades (does nobody remember the Iron Curtain anymore?), but also from his driving around in expensive western cars when his compatriots could hardly afford a bicycle to pedal. This was a little too well known and therefore the communist planners decided to manufacture a plausibly deniable cover story for the future - for when the need would arise to present Havel as a martyr and opponent of the communist regime. So they imprisoned Vaclav Havel (well, it was more like a spa) to create an aura of a "prisoner of conscience". The world and the Czechs themselves took the bait. Vaclav Havel later put a big dent into his manufactured “poor tortured prisoner” cover story when his "Letters to Olga" were published. Letters to Olga were letters to his wife from prison and in which he describes his prison life. For example "smoking cigars" (page 5), "eating caviar" (page 16), "ordering cartons of different brand of cigarettes, the old one is not good enough" (page 61), "watching movies and TV" (page 85), "eating chocolates" (page 98), and "getting shipments of foreign vitamins" (page 107). He led the life of comfortable vacationer in every sense of the word. On a page 7 he writes about "getting massages". Poor prisoner Vaclav Havel ­ how could he have endured the suffering of that hellish prison existence for so long?

On Dec. 29, 1989 the exclusively communist Czechoslovak parliament unanimously "elected" Vaclav Havel, an alleged enemy of the state until the day before, to the presidency of Czechoslovakia. Who says pigs can’t fly?

Then the events took a faster pace and started making even less sense. President Havel immediately pronounced a new policy of "Peace and Love" and ordered that there will be no prosecution or persecution of communists. Some of them, like the hard-line commie and then Prime Minister Marian Calfa, became "close friends" with Havel. During Havel’s 14 year presidency (which ended in February 2003) he never failed to protect his communist buddies, while at the same moment preaching to the West about human rights. Vaclav Havel gave lifetime tenure to old-time communist judges and presided over establishing "legal continuity" with the former communist regime and thus forever protected all communist criminals in justice, army, police and all branches of the government from ever being punished for their past crimes.

After the Czech Republic became a member of NATO on March 12, 1999, Havel sent former Warsaw Pact “ex-communist” officers as emissaries to Brussels - no other "senior officers" were apparently available! My guess is that all NATO military secrets reached KGB headquarters in Lubyanka Square about 15 minutes after they were entrusted to "NATO-Czech" officers. The same is true for all other "senior officers" from former Warsaw Pact countries that were sent to Brussels in similar fashion. By allowing those snakes into the house, NATO rendered itself ineffective and useless and can no longer be taken seriously as a military protective force and alliance. Whoever in NATO had the "bright idea" to allow Czechs, Poles and Hungarians into NATO to create a "buffer zone" between Western Europe did not realize that the Czechs, Poles and Hungarians are the proverbial Trojan horse. The enemy is no longer at the gates - with this stupid decision the enemy is now inside the gates.

And this is how the United States lost NATO without even knowing it.

What’s the current situation? Vaclav Havel, a key player in the elimination of NATO, has since "retired" and has become the world’s most successful collector of Honoris Causa doctoral titles from universities world-wide. If your school will plop another ridiculous title on him, yes, he is always willing to come and soliloquize a little. The power of communists and the influence of the Soviet Union (now Russia, whatever) on the countries of Eastern Europe never waned and the KGB’s grip on events remained firm. Communists switched the official names of their parties into something more acceptable to gullible Westerners and continue to rule.
Their formerly political power was smoothly transferred into economic power in one amazing trick - company bosses, which had always been a political appointment, simply became company owners in a very smooth transition to capitalism. In the most recent Czech and Slovak elections, the renamed political parties of ex-communists won the elections. They promised the moon and stars and the populace believed them.

And you thought that Islamofascism was a problem? Have you forgotten about the Evil Empire? They knocked NATO out cold without a single shot being fired. Just wait and see what they come up with next...

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Simonetta said...

Stealth mode, Europe was never truly freed following WW2. Now, it has been taken by a nazi type regime. It seems the shadows of WW2 still hang over Europe.